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What You Need to Know About Engagement Rings



An engagement is no small matter. I mean, your engagement is one of the major milestones that you and your partner will remember for many years to come. Therefore, you have to get everything right; from the setting, the location of the engagement, the surprise effect, and most importantly, the RING.

Yes, choosing an engagement ring is one of the most important decisions you can make in a relationship. However, there are just so many types of rings sold in the market. Also, when you visit any jewelry shop, you will most likely hear terms that are complicated and hard to understand. All this can make you find it challenging to choose the ideal engagement ring.

To help you find the perfect ring for your spouse, we have compiled everything you need to know about engagement rings in this article. Read on to find out what engagement rings symbolize, where you can buy a ring, and much more!


What do engagement rings symbolise?

Have you ever wondered why people buy engagement rings? After all, you could just announce to all your friends and family that you are engaged, and save yourself those few bucks you would’ve spent buying a ring. Well, engagement rings are more than just fashion accessories and pieces of jewellery; they are a mark of love, commitment, and loyalty.

The ancient Romans were the very first people known to use engagement rings. These rings were worn by potential brides, as an indication that they were “off the market”; hence, other suitors would not pursue them to start a romantic relationship. Also, the engagement ring was usually worn on the left ring finger. The Romans believed that this finger had a vein that connected directly to the heart.

From the time of the ancient Romans up until now, rings have been used to symbolize love and commitment. And since it has a circle shape with no end or beginning, it represents the never-ending love, loyalty, and devotion between the partners. Most Western cultures wear the ring on their left-hand ring finger, while other cultures wear it on their right-hand ring finger.


How does an engagement ring differ from a wedding ring?

The main difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring is the stage of a relationship when they are worn. An engagement ring is usually presented during a marriage proposal; it is worn in the lead-up period to the marriage, and even after the marriage. On the other hand, a wedding ring is only presented during the actual wedding ceremony, in the presence of a marriage officiator.

You can either choose to buy the wedding ring and engagement ring separately or as a pair. The good thing about engagement and wedding ring pairs is that they complement each other and go perfectly together.


What metals are used in engagement rings?

There are four different metals used in engagement rings:

  • Rose gold
  • White gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Platinum

When looking to buy an engagement ring for your partner, pay closer attention to their favourite jewellery. Do they wear more yellow gold or white gold? Go for a ring that best suits their preferences. And if they are allergic to metal, you would do well to choose platinum since it is naturally hypoallergenic.


Why is the shape of the centre stone important?

The shape of the ring’s centre stone is very important; it affects both the look and uniqueness of the engagement ring. In other words, the shape of the centre stone plays a major role in determining the overall look and style of the ring.

The most common shapes of engagement ring centre stones are:

  • Round – This shape brings out the sparkle of the gem or diamond perfectly.
  • Pear – It features a rounded base and a pointed top.
  • Emerald – It resembles a rectangular box whose four sides reflect.
  • Oval – It best fits well with lean fingers.
  • Cushion – This shape resembles a square with rounded edges; it can be dated back to the 1800s.
  • Marquise – This is a rounded stone with two pointed tips at the top and bottom.


What are the four C’s?

The most popular choice for engagement rings is diamond ornamentation. Diamonds are often graded using the four C’s system: Colour, Carat, Clarity, and Cut. Therefore, if you wish to make the best choice for your engagement ring, you need to get a better understanding of these four C’s:


  1. Colour

Diamond stones come in different shades of colours; these use a grading scale of D-Z. Z-grade diamonds have full colour and are visibly yellow; they are the most common types of diamonds. D-grade diamonds are completely colourless; they are the rarest types of diamonds, making them very expensive. There have also been new colours introduced into the market, such as chocolate and pink.


  1. Carat

Usually abbreviated as “ct,” the carat describes the actual weight measurement of a diamond. Larger diamonds have higher numbers of carats and higher values than smaller diamonds. Most engagement rings include a diamond stone of one metric carat, which is equal to 200 mg.


  1. Clarity

Naturally, diamonds feature flaws; tiny lines, and black-and-white flecks. Clarity describes how big and many these imperfections are. The scale used to measure clarity considers metrics, such as the size of the flaws, their location, visibility, quantity, and to what extent they affect the appearance of the stone. The fewer flaws the diamond has, the greater its clarity and higher its price.


  1. Cut

Contrary to what most people think, the cut style of an engagement ring does not mean its shape. Rather, the cut grade of a diamond describes how well light reflects off the angles and proportions of the stone. The quality of reflection affects the overall brightness that the diamond stone emits.


Where can you find your ideal engagement ring?

The choice of engagement rings out there is never-ending. There are just too many jewellery shops; with each of these promising to offer you the perfect ring of your dreams. However, not all these offer good engagement rings. Therefore, you need to be extra careful about where you buy your ring.

One of the best jewellery shops where you can buy your ideal engagement ring is the William Cheshire shop. You can find it online or even as an atelier on the Broadway market. But what makes us unique from all other engagement ring shops in the market? Well, consider the four key features about William Cheshire that makes us the best place to buy your engagement ring:


  1. You get personalised support

When you visit the atelier on Broadway market, you can expect to get personalized support. William Cheshire, the main designer in the jewellery shop, is one of the friendliest people you will get to meet. Together with the team, we focus on the couple themselves. After all, it is about them. We will try to get to know you better, such that we create the best engagement ring for you or your partner.

When you make an appointment with William Cheshire, you can trust that we will make enough time to listen to all your ideas and preferences. You will be provided with a relaxed and informal environment; one that has all the privacy and security you need.


  1. You go through every detail

Surprising your partner with an engagement ring is no easy thing; it can make you very nervous and anxious. Engagement rings can be considered a life-changing event that meets a physical object of permanency. So the pressure is there.

This is where William Cheshire comes in. Meeting William Cheshire in the store helps you get to know the real details. For example, you will get to know how big the diamond will be and how much the ring will cost. You will also get the opportunity to share your ideas on what you think your partner will like and who they are as a person.


  1. You get to choose between different styles

At the William Cheshire atelier, we make a wide range of engagement rings. For example, you can get a ring in rose gold, 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold, and platinum. Also, we make rings with sapphires, a single diamond, or a collection of diamonds. The ring may not even have a diamond and contain only semi-precious gems. Therefore, you can expect to get limitless options for your ideal engagement ring.

What’s even better, you will be helped to understand the difference between all these styles, such that you can identify which would best fit your partner. Do they like vintage or classic? Are they into modern minimalist looks, or high fashion and extravagant looks? It could be that they are into nature, hence prefer an organic or handmade style of ring. We conduct all these investigations for you, ensuring that you buy the perfect ring that will most impressive your partner.


  1. You are assured of getting high-quality rings

Once you have settled on your ideal engagement ring style, William Cheshire will then start drawing up loose sketches to move towards an aesthetic. All the different styles of jewellery have their unique aesthetic which he adapts and creates to fit in with the feel of the design. Together with the team, we pay attention to every detail; creating an elegant, high-quality line that lasts as a design.

The engagement rings mostly include a diamond or gem, so colour variations come into the mix. According to William Cheshire, diamonds work very well with white metals such as 18ct white gold or platinum. But this also depends on the styling and the way the diamond is set. The team makes engagement rings using green sapphires which can look beautiful in 18ct yellow or rose gold. And when creating a diamond set engagement ring, the conversation moves on to diamond cuts. This helps to improve the aesthetics of the ring, in turn determining how it will look on the finger.


  1. You get to choose your budget

At William Cheshire, we use princess cuts, solitaires, pear shapes, oval and marquis cuts, trillions, elongated radiant, and kite/shield-shaped diamonds. Therefore, you can easily choose what fits well with your budget. However, regardless of your budget, we always make sure to get the best possible stone for our customers. We also explain to them what to look for in a diamond, as well the differences between a salt and pepper diamond, a yellow diamond, or a very white stone with great clarity.

Since diamond prices can vary, we usually calculate the budget first, so to guide us on how to go about selecting the diamond. The budget determines how the diamond will be set, the scaling of the metalwork, and the intensity of the work involved. Also, we discuss lab-grown diamonds, fair trade diamonds, and 100% recycled gold.

With a strong idea of the engagement ring, William Cheshire can then begin sourcing the stones, creating the CAD (computer-aided design) or hand making the ring at the bench, or even any wax carving needed to create the initial sample to work from. We also share this with the customer, so they feel like part of the design and development process.

When the customer approves the design and is happy with it, we go ahead and cast it in the required metal, prepare the engagement ring, and do any diamond setting required. These are all highly skilled processes handled in our studio and take years to perfect. So we take control and do our best to deliver a beautifully crafted engagement ring.



What really makes the perfect engagement ring? Well, the best answer is the kind of ring that best fits your partner’s likes, personality, and preferences. And since each person is unique, each perfect engagement ring is also unique to its wearer. Therefore, before you can purchase your engagement ring, you need to do your research first.

At William Cheshire’s atelier, we are ready to take you through the process of selecting an engagement ring. We will not guide you on everything you need to know about rings, but also help you understand your spouse better so that you choose the ring that best fits their character and preference.

Therefore, if you want to achieve that surprise effect on your partner’s engagement, consult William Cheshire and get yourself one of the best “wow” factor rings!

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