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Are you looking for a place where you can buy luxury jewellery to bring out the best version of yourself? Then you should take a look at William Cheshire. It is not just another brand that offers jewellery for people. Instead, William Cheshire is a brand that is committed to catering to the best interests of clients with the best-in-class bespoke jewellery. Let’s deep dive and learn more about what William Cheshire is all about.

History of William Cheshire

William Cheshire launched a small jewellery shop back in the year 2002 under his own brand. That’s where he started making bespoke jewellery as well as jewellery collections for both men and women. He was able to impress his first few clients and could experience significant growth within a short time period. As a result, he moved his business to a bigger space, which was a warehouse in Hatton Wall.

Along with time, William Cheshire was able to impress the market by offering new jewellery collections. His collections were often seen in trade shows across Munich, Paris, London, and Tokyo. From connections made at the trade shows, he got the opportunity to provide his jewellery to some of the leading independent jewellery stores in the UK. On top of that, he offered seasonal jewellery collections for a few well-known brands as well.

William Cheshire always wanted to expand his business and take it to the next level. This is where he focused on improving the quality and diversity of his jewellery collections. All efforts were successful, and he was able to open up doors to many new opportunities.

As of now, William Cheshire continues to offer award-winning jewellery, and anyone interested can take a look at them on the website. The jewellery you can get under William Cheshire comes along with proactive edge style and detailed value. On top of that, he continuously gains attention from new customers all around the world as well.

What can you buy from William Cheshire?

A variety of jewellery collections are available for sale at William Cheshire. Anyone interested can browse through the collections and spend on the best options available out there. There is something for everyone in these collections as well.

For example, any couple that wishes to buy elegant wedding rings can buy them from William Cheshire. William Cheshire offers the finest wedding rings, which can add glamor to the wedding. These wedding rings are made out of 100% recycled gold. There are numerous styles, sizes, and widths available in them for purchase. On top of that, it is also possible to get the rings with any surface texture as well.

The flagship store of William Cheshire

William Cheshire is not purely an online store. There is a flagship store of William Cheshire, which is located at 14 Broadway Market in East London. Anyone who is interested in getting a first-hand experience with jewellery available at William Cheshire can think about walking into this flagship store.

William worked hard to put up this flagship store as well. He worked for a period of four months to deliver a unique and special experience to anyone who walks in through the doors of the boutique store. It is one of the most popular boutique stores that offer jewellery in East London as of now. It is possible to get a better understanding of how jewellery is designed by coming to the boutique store as well. That’s because everything is designed and made right in the building.

Commissioned work

Apart from offering new work designs and collections to the market, William Cheshire works on commissioned jewellery as well. Anyone who is looking forward to creating customized jewellery for special moments in life may get in touch with William Cheshire.

For example, William Cheshire can help anyone to get customized engagement rings or wedding rings that match perfectly well with their specific preferences. Moreover, William Cheshire also offers customized cufflinks for grooms, necklaces for brides, and gifts for the bridesmaids. Customized jewellery is made out of different materials, including gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and palladium. Clients who wish to get personalized jewellery should just get in touch with William Cheshire and explain their needs. Then he will come up with outstanding designs to impress anyone.

Another great thing about getting customized jewellery from William Cheshire is that there is a well-defined process to deliver a smoother experience to the customers. For example, anyone can collaborate during the sketching process and CAD work, in order to make sure that a perfect result is received at the end of the day. No matter what, William Cheshire is ready to listen to all requirements and deliver a top-notch experience to anyone who wishes to buy customized jewellery.

Collaborations with others

William Cheshire is actively collaborating with creative design companies and fashion designers out there to come up with outstanding quality work. The jewellery concepts and collections offered by William Cheshire would cater to the best interests of clients. Due to the same reason, William Cheshire got the opportunity to collaborate on numerous projects with some of the leading designers out there.

The previous collaborations of William Cheshire helped him to establish himself as one of the trusted and accomplished jewellery designers. Some of the clients that William Cheshire worked with in the past include Mark Powell, NIKE, Boxfresh, and Silas & Maria. He is looking forward to venturing into many new collaborations in the future as well.

Go ahead and buy what you want from William Cheshire

Now you have a clear understanding of who William Cheshire is and what the William Cheshire store is all about. If you are ready to buy the finest quality jewellery, you may visit the online store and do it. On the other hand, anyone who is looking forward to collaborating with William Cheshire can also do it quite easily. All you have to do is to get in touch with William Cheshire directly from his official website.

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