There are many places to buy bespoke jewellery in London, and where you get one determines how genuine your precious stone will be.


At William Cheshire, we believe small details are the only way for people to realise their idea of what makes them tick or unique.


That’s why we offer our customers experience, skills, and passion.


This is the only way to buy bespoke jewellery in London designed however you want and perfect for the person who will wear it.


Jewellery has always been a sign of elegance and beauty. But from our perspective, fine jewellery is something you will need expert advice on. That’s where William Cheshire comes in.


So, if you know how to shop online, you can get great deals and choose from a wide range of classic and elegant jewellery specially commissioned for you.


With the help of our professional goldsmith, you can also bring an old piece of jewellery back to life and give it a new look.


Why Use William Cheshire In London? 


There are a lot of jewellers in London, and their skills are known globally for hundreds of years.


Contrary to what most people think, you don’t just find unique jewellery and exquisite luxury jewellery on William Cheshire.


We help you make both women’s and men’s rings, earrings, and necklaces from scratch, so you can have a unique piece.


You might have a picture of a piece in your head that you can’t find anywhere, or you might have an idea of its colour or shape.


Only a jeweller who can do custom work can make this dream come true. And that’s William Cheshire.


How To Get Bespoke Piece Of Jewellery In London


Before making a piece of jewellery, you have to think about it and imagine what it will look like before contacting the jeweller.


Be Careful When Buying Bespoke Jewellery In London.


Not every beautiful piece of jewellery you fall in love with on the internet comes from a real store.


In the case of private purchases, the buyer does not always have the same unrestricted right to return as with online purchases.


So, if you want to avoid bad experiences when buying jewellery in London, you should insist that the seller take the piece of jewellery back if you have any doubts or if you don’t like it.


That’s even for a full refund of the purchase price. If the amounts are small, you can’t go wrong.


But if you want to buy jewellery as an investment, you should be careful, especially on the Internet, and it’s best to buy from professionals like William Cheshire. Come and visit our retail store to meet us in person.


Here, you can find out if other customers have bought something similar before and we can recommend different designs.


What Kind Of Jewellery Do You Want? 


Any piece of jewellery can be designed in any shape. But remember that not all jewellery has the same meaning.


For example, a ring means much more than a bracelet. You can give your spouse a pair of earrings, and a bracelet.


A brooch is a good gift for a new relationship or a friend too. The necklace and pendants are easy to put on and look good for any event.




Most of all, the choice of metal and precious stones comes down to personal taste. You can choose gold or silver, a diamond or a sapphire. A good artisan jeweller like William Cheshire can help you decide on what to do.


The Style Of Jewellery


Jewellery has been around for a long time, and its history has given us many different styles to learn from. You can also get ideas for that perfect jewellery from William Cheshire in London.


William Cheshire Has Amazing Pieces Of Jewellery For Every Occasion


Modern, minimal, fun, or expensive! Those are how you could describe our collection of necklaces and rings, which we keep adding to with cool new pieces.


Whether you want a gold chain or a silver chain, we have pieces with beautiful diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or opals.


We help you put on your neck or finger your favourite jewellery that will make you fell amazing every day.

Do You Like To Follow The Latest Styles?


If that’s your choice, we’re fine with it. We also have chains or bespoke rings that can be worn in layers for a modern look.


We have an engraved chain for people who like to wear jewellery with their names on it. We make bespoke engagement rings too.


What Are The Services Offered In Our Bespoke Jewellery In London


Our services are unique. During the repair process, your jewellery will be handled with the utmost care and attention.


We do this to make sure that the operation goes smoothly and that the valuable object you give us will be handled with care and professionalism and return to its former glory.


The Polishing Service


Once you send us your worn-out and broken piece of jewellery, one of our expert goldsmiths will work hard to make its setting and any precious stones set in it shine like they were just bought.


Engraving And Personalization Of Jewels


Owning or giving out jewellery is a great joy in and of itself, but if it’s personalised, the joy turns into pride when you show it off due to the special meaning that only the person who owns it can understand.


Because of this, our goldsmiths carefully look at the space in a piece of jewellery where writing or drawing can be engraved.


Reconstruction Of Damaged Jewellery Or Combination With New Shapes


We are experts at putting together jewels from any generation. William Cheshire gives them new value after being broken or having faded over time.


We can weld or set gemstones into any shape, and if you lose them, we can replace them with the ones you like best.


We can also change the shape of your jewellery. For example, we can turn a pair of earrings into a pair of matching rings so that you can share a memory with your loved ones.


We can easily change a ring into a pendant or vice versa. All you have to do is design the jewel you want to make, and watch us turn the old jewels into new shapes so well that no one can figure out what the original idea is.


Engagement Rings For Stepping Into The Future Together


Engagement rings are the only jewels that make people feel so many different things.


With it, you and your partner can start a brand new part of your lives together. especially, if the ring is made of gold, platinum, or diamond.


The different varieties of engagement rings we have in our shop allow you to choose from different styles and finishes. Please call us or visit us in person to see what we can offer you.

Do You Want To Buy A Bespoke Jewellery In London? Ask For More Information


Do not hesitate to contact us if you want a piece of jewellery with a certain design, different stones, materials, or shapes.


Use the contact form or call us on 020 7249 6159 to tell us what you want. Apart from that, we want to remind you that you can also call or email us to send in your requests.


We can, of course, give you advice on how to make your commissioned bespoke jewellery in our London workshop. Know that engraving is one way to personalise a piece of jewellery to your taste.


Finally, if you like a particular style, with none of the jewellery you see in stores having the fitting stone, we can use our models to help you arrive at something exceptional.


William Cheshire is the source of many creations. If you like one of our pieces but want to change a few details, we can help you fix them.


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