The 20 best engagement ring ideas for your proposal


You’ve decided to be with your partner for the rest of your life. Haven’t you? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then the next step is to propose to her. Before you propose to her, you need to know some engagement ring ideas that can help you deliver a great surprise to her.

You’ll, without a doubt, need an engagement ring to complete the entire process.

Since she’ll wear the engagement ring for the rest of her life, it must be thoughtful, meaningful, and appropriate for her.

Whether you’re looking for diamonds, other gemstones, gold, silver, or platinum William Cheshire has got you covered. There are many engagement ring options.

And with our knowledge of all these options, we have compiled a list of the best engagement ring ideas with your budget in mind. There’re a variety of styles, buying suggestions, stone cuts, and metals to choose from.

So, if diamonds aren’t your thing, it’s okay. There’re plenty of other creative engagement ring ideas available for you.

Continue reading to learn more about them!


1. Engagement Rings with Diamonds

Diamond engagement rings can be as plain or as extravagant as the wearer desires. There is a plethora of engagement ring design options to choose from.

Consider solitaire nesting diamonds in round, cushion, pear, emerald, or princess shapes. Some of the most popular ring styles are the three stone, halo, pave, and more.

They are ideal for the sophisticated bride.

2. Wedding Rings with Diamonds

A diamond wedding ring stack is ideal for brides who enjoy being the centre of attention. The unique nature of diamonds permits a bride’s style to change.

Plain braided or twisted bands piled with solitaire diamonds are popular choices among minimalist brides.

The stylish bride would adore paving bands coupled with bezel or halo engagement rings for more attention.

Other alternatives include double pave. It’s renowned for continuous sparkling, two-toned metals, and massive centre stones.

3. Astonishing Engagement Rings

Does your loved one prefer the uncommon and unique kind of engagement ring? You can commission a unique model from a goldsmith.

When doing that, for example, consider a ring made of black rusted metal or a solitaire ring with a raw stone. A colourful gemstone or a unique ring form are other options.

4. Multi-Coloured Ring

Rings with a variety of colours and materials are more popular than ever. Do you have a partner who likes bright colours? Then this engagement ring trend, which combines various metals, is ideal.

5. Twisted Bands Engagement Rings

Consider twisted bands if you’re seeking a ring that symbolises your affection. Because they resemble infinity rings, they connote unending love, affection, and commitment.

This ring style is adaptable and can be made with any metal and stone, with a variety of variants to fit your needs.

If you want to keep it basic, go for a clean round-cut twist. Consider the two-tone pave twisted bands for a bit of drama and dazzle. There are more possibilities to test out, such as knotted paving, rose twists, and more.

6. Infinity symbol Ring

Have you ever considered immortalising your marriage proposal or commemorating a particular occasion with an infinity ring?

In a broad sense, the infinity symbol represents forever. But, when we go deeper into its history and the ideas that surround it, we find that it also has more connotations.

The infinity ring represents the circle of life, divinity. It also represents mental and physical harmony. In the most romantic interpretation, it represents real, eternal, and unconditional love.

The infinity symbol can appear in jewellery in a very simple fashion, such as carved in gold.

7. Engagement Rings with Round Cuts

The round-cut engagement ring is unquestionably the most popular, and with good reason.

Because of its traditional shape and 58 facets, it outshines other cuts in brilliance. The round diamond also gets bonus points for displaying flaws and inclusions.

They are adaptable and you can use them with any ring setting and design. Despite being pricy, they’ll appeal to the fashion-forward, classic, and modern bride.

If you need an engagement ring with a unique shape, William Cheshire has all you need. We know that the use of horizontal stones is highly fashionable these days.

8. Stylish Classics

The classics are still at the top of the engagement ring ideas, whether yellow or rose gold.

It’s evergreen because many women prefer a simple engagement ring that’ll please them forever rather than a large, showy diamond.

9. Beautiful and Simple Engagement Rings

A huge glitter may not be for you if you want a more subtle look. There are many lovely engagement rings to choose from, most of them are stylish and elegant.

Mix thin pave bands with a teardrop centre stone for a unique look.

You might either go with the usual solitaire or a round diamond with an old thin band.

It also helps you to discover a variety of metal and stone shapes, including round, cushion, princess, and trillion. You may choose to be a bit uncomplicated, yet the centre of attention.

10. A Single Colour Engagement Ring

Champagne gold is becoming more popular as an alternative to 18k yellow or white gold.

From years of experience in this business, we know that rings with two metal stones are lovely, modern, and unique.

For example, the women’s ring is rose gold with a champagne gold bead. Men’s ring on its part is champagne gold with a rose gold bead.

It conveys a sense of oneness and memorable love.

11. Halo Engagement Rings with Diamonds

The halo ring is a ring with the main stone surrounded by smaller pave diamonds. The goal of this arrangement is to give the centre diamond a stronger illusion and more shine.

The cut is key in this ring design. Consider cushion, round, princess, and oval cut diamonds for the greatest halo designs.

12. Using A Customised Animation

Do you want to bring out the nerdy style in you? Then ask your goldsmith to develop a personalised animation that tells your love story.

You can start the story from when you first met her. From there, you can make it continue through the relationship, detailing your most crucial steps and concluding with your marriage proposal.

How about that?

Show your partner the ring and ask the question in person when it reaches this point in the storyline. It’ll no doubt be a pleasant surprise.

13. Incredible Three-Stone Rings

This form, also known as the Bostonian ring, reflects your love stories yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

A more traditional bride will choose a huge centre diamond surrounded by two side stones. But for consistency, the fashion-forward bride will always choose stones of roughly identical sizes.

The princess cut diamond is the ideal choice for this ring type. Make a stunning bauble by combining them with coloured jewels on the sides.

14. Solitaire Center Stone Engagement Rings

The solitaire is a popular choice for many reasons and is one of the best engagement ring options for women.

This is one of the ideas for an engagement ring ever. It’s appropriate for any type of bride, regardless of her style. Besides, the ring draws attention to your stone.

Whether you choose a brilliant, emerald, oval, pear, round, or marquise shape, a solitaire is the ultimate love ring. It’s known to always achieve the utmost level of brilliance, fire, and sparkle.

15. Engagement Rings in The Shapes of Marquise And Pear

Pear cut rings, for starters, combine marquise and round stones. They feature one pointed and one curved end and are also known as teardrop jewels.

This cut is classic and timeless, making it ideal for accents and focal points. The Marquis cut is a more recent addition, with 15 facets, an oval shape, and two pointed ends.

It was introduced in the 18th century. The cut brightens the marquis and gives it a larger aspect. Marquis is the greatest choice if you want to strike a balance between beauty and size.

16. Surprise Delivery of the Engagement Ring

If you and your partner have already discussed the possibility of getting married and you want to surprise her, you can play around a little and divulge your plans.

For instance, you may show her the ring models and ask her which one is her favourite. Then go ahead and pull out the ring and ask her, “What do you think of this particular one?” You won’t believe what you’re about to hear.

17. Engraving the Couple’s Initials on The Ring

A ring featuring the couple’s initials will have a meaning, unlike any other jewelry item.

It represents the couple’s union by using the first letter of each person’s name.

The most typical method of personalising rings and alliances is to engrave the initials inside the hoop, but in the engagement ring, this is not the case.

We’ve reinvented the way we place the couple’s initials on the ring. The reinvented style involves placing the letters beneath the diamond crown in a modern and stunning gem.

18. Engagement Rings with A Difference

Many factors contribute to the uniqueness of an engagement ring. The stone, ring cuts, design, and the wearer are all factors to consider.

Unique wedding bands are for brides who desire to express themselves uniquely.

An antique or vintage ring, for instance, will add dimension to a classic or modern bride’s look. Brides who’re fiery, confident, passionate, and assertive will look great in alternative-coloured jewels.

19. Ideas for Pave Band Rings

The pave bands are a great choice for a luxurious engagement ring. When gemstones, particularly diamonds, are set into the pave design’s surface, they create a continuous gleaming impression.

The pave style is suitable for almost any gemstone, but diamonds sparkle more. Get more than one stone. You’ll be the talk of the party when you walk in with your row of diamonds flashing everywhere,

20. It Doesn’t Have to be a Diamond

Who says an engagement ring has to be a diamond? Nobody! There are beautiful engagement rings for gentle brides, though diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

The bottom line is that she dresses in a way that is appropriate and stunning for her.

Alternatives to diamonds include amethysts, garnets, emeralds, morganites, moissanite, tourmalines, pearls, topaz, sapphires, and more.

They’re also less expensive and have the same beauty as diamonds, lasting for years, if not generations.

With our engagement ring ideas, you may save money while maintaining luxury and taste.

An average girl has countless options, from diamonds to sapphires, round cut to cushion cut. Make your girl’s finger sparkle by looking through our collection of engagement rings.

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