Do you want to get bespoke jewellery in London or do you want to have a unique buying experience?

Do you need a jeweller to make custom-made jewellery or a necklace with your name, but you don’t know who to call?

Yes, several jewellery options can make you feel a little lost at times.

But, how do you choose a bespoke jeweller who can give you a great experience?

The answer is in this article.

Let’s dive into it!

Why Is It Important To Wear Jewellery?

Jewellery has been a part of people’s lives since the beginning of time.

Historians even say that around 75,000 years ago, people used flowers, animal bones, and feathers to make the first pieces of jewellery.

These were in Africa! People in those times only wore these things to protect themselves because they thought they had supernatural powers to protect them.

The rules have changed over several years. Bespoke jewellers now use Gold and diamonds as precious stones in jewellery.

However, wearing jewellery had a social side to it. It was mostly for women from the bourgeois class, who used it to show off their wealth and luxury.

Today, people think about this exciting story focusing on symbols and fashion.

Jewellery is a classic accessory that goes well with clothing style and brings out the beauty of the person who wears it.

Also, lifestyle changes have made it possible to get custom-made wedding rings, rings, earrings, and other jewellery.

So, jewellery has become the most popular gift for any event. It is given to loved ones at a wedding, on their birthday or on Valentine’s Day to show how much you care.

In general, wearing jewellery has both a divine, religious, and symbolic meaning and a much more fashion experience attached to it today.

How To Find The Best Professional Bespoke Jeweller For Yourself

It’s not a hard task to find jewellery. But where you may face a challenge is finding the right place to get bespoke jewellery.

Also, getting someone who likes the same things you do will be hard to find.

This is where you need William Cheshire, a real professional that help you.

As you walk through jewellery shops, designers, and distributors, keep an eye out. You can go to trade shows that are all about making jewellery or selling jewellery.

You can read about a jewellery competition in the general or specialised press or articles about, for example, the best jewellers in London

Irrespective of how you find a bespoke jeweller or maker with different styles and personalities, make sure you ask them questions. Try and figure out which professional you think would be best to help you.

No matter who you choose, ensure they are well-known and trustworthy professionals.

You Have A Bespoke Jeweller And a Workshop At Your Disposal In London

Our workshop has all the tools you need to design and make your bespoke jewellery project. We design, create and finish your perfect bespoke piece.

It lets us have total control over the quality of what we do.

We listen to our customers and exceed their expectations more often than the competition.

Our Core Values

Our craftsmanship and high standards allow us to give you the best quality when we make, change, or fix your jewellery.

We pay special attention to the quality of our jeweller’s services and the choice of materials we use. Above all, we choose our stones with care.

We also pay close attention to your needs, no matter how complex!

The Choice Of Stones

For models with precious stones, it is best to ask the professional to let you choose the precious stone yourself.

Of course, if you choose us, we will give you advice. This choice is often made emotionally, especially if you want to get special stones.

Okay! You don’t have any gemstones in mind.

You can talk to any of our jewellers or gemologists about the stones you’ve to choose.

You can use our suggestions based on the colour of your eyes or, more generally, your body shape to find the gemstone that fits you best.

What Is The Process Of Creating Your Bespoke Jewellery In London?

At William Cheshire, we start by making an estimate and then a digital model of the jewellery project from a sketch or description of your project.

If you approve of it, we’ll start making your custom-made jewellery. Or we tell you what changes you should make to make the design fit your budget better.

You can let us change this CAD design until it matches what you want.

We can make any kind of diamond, gold or silver jewellery with your name.

We can help you with pendants, necklaces, wedding rings, earrings, cufflinks, etc.

We are used to making unique jewellery that fits the personality of the person who will wear it and can be passed down to the next generation.

Start By Contacting Us

A meeting is the first step in making a custom-made piece of jewellery.

During this first contact, you can tell us what you expect, what you have in mind, and what you want based on your budget.

In exchange, we will take the time to give you all our advice and share our knowledge to help you have a pleasant experience.

It’s hard buying a gem that doesn’t exist. That’s why our showrooms have a lot of different styles and precious stones you can choose from.

There are more many pieces made to give you ideas and show you the way. We work together to make your dream piece come true.

When you choose a custom-made piece of jewellery from William Cheshire, we help you to learn more about the world of jewellery.

We Draw Or Sketch Your Work In 3D

Once your project has been defined and agreed upon, we use computer software to make a 3D drawing on our end.

This 3D image lets you get a first look at the product before production. If you’re happy with it, we can start making your jewellery.

After drawing the jewel on the screen, we send the 3D file to our 3D printer, which makes a wax copy of the jewellery in its size and shape.

We Cast Your Work In Iron

Then, this jewel made of resin is sent to our founder, who will use it to make a wax tree. It’s a support that looks like a tree and lets you put all the resins in the right place.

Our caster uses the wax tree to make a mould for the plaster.

The resin will then be melted by heating this mould. After that, the metal is poured into the shape.

The wax tree is turned into a cast iron tree by breaking the mould after it has cooled.

So, as you can see, the jewels are products of raw metal, called cast iron. This method is called “lost wax casting.” It lets the precious metal fuse with the resin to replace the wax.


The metal remains in a raw state after the melting stage. It has some flaws with a rough surface.

So, the jewellers do the repair work by filing down the metal to make the jewel smooth. They can also weld, put together parts, or drill the stone so that it is ready to be set and polished.


The next step is crimping. It’s where the stone or stones are set on the jewel’s setting.

The setter puts the stone in a small hole made for it.

There are many different ways to set the main stone or the stones around it, such as the claw setting (2 to 8 claws), the closed setting, the bar setting, the massage setting, the descending setting, the grain setting, and so on.


After that, the gems are polished. When you polish metal, you make the surface smooth and shiny.

Thus, the tools won’t leave any marks from the different stages of making the product. Some jewels are also covered with rhodium.

Rhodium plating works best with white metals like white gold and silver. With this, a thin layer of rhodium is put on the metal to make it whiter and shinier.

In this last step of finishing, the jewel is put in a rhodium bath for a few minutes to make it shine. Verification is the final step before the jewellery is released.

During this step, we examine every detail of the piece to ensure it meets our quality standards.

We then inform the customer that the piece is ready if it meets our quality test.

Why Should You Hire A Skilled Jeweller In London?

You get English-made Jewellery if you choose a skilled jeweller in London

All our jewellery is made in our jewellery workshop in London with professional tools and quality jewellery techniques.

Craftsmanship And Old-Fashioned Know-How

Our training and experience in fine artisanal jewellery help us to make, repair, or change your jewellery in a precise and high-quality way.

Jewellery Made Just For You

We answer all your requests to customise or make custom-made jewellery from high-quality, noble materials based on how you want it to be made.

We Use Certified Gemstones

Our only source of precious stones is our unique English lapidary, with whom we have worked for 10 years. All the stones are certified and of high quality. Hence, you can get a top-of-the-line piece of jewellery that will last a long time.

Fast Creation

You can find everything in our workshop, from fine metals to precious stones, made by our small, skilled hands. We try to make your jewellery as quickly as possible, between one and three weeks. We also fix your jewellery within 24 hours.

Trust And Safety

We put trust and customer satisfaction first at every step, from design to buying online or in-store. Our website has a fast and free after-sales service for the jewellery you buy from us and a safe way to pay.

After Sales Services

We’re dedicated to giving you the best service possible for your jewellery.

William Cheshire will be happy to advise and offer personalised services for your jewellery, whether you want to fix it or just keep it looking nice and lasting a long time.

The following are our services: We can fix, resize, weld, and engrave your jewellery.

Our bespoke jewellery in London also offers a cleaning and polishing service to get rid of scratches. We also check the crimping of your stones.

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