How to determine the right engagement ring size


Do you want to determine the right engagement ring size? The William Cheshire is here to help, so don’t worry. This article gives you tips to help you find the right size for an engagement ring quickly.

The size of an engagement ring depends on several factors, but most of all on the size of the finger, usually the left ring finger. You can measure this size yourself, with the help of a ring sizer, or by hiring a professional.

Engagement rings are a common part of modern life, but their meaning has changed over time.

One of the best parts of a wedding is when the bride and groom exchange rings. They should fit like a second skin and slide easily along the fingers.

The size of the ring is an important part of making a custom ring. Read on to learn how to determine the right engagement ring sizing from a globally renowned professional jeweller.

In daily life, a ring shouldn’t be too loose or you could lose it. If a ring is too tight, it doesn’t feel good.

That’s why you’ve to choose the right size for the ring. You can measure it yourself in different ways.

The best way to choose the right size for your ring, though, is to contact us and ask for help from one of our experts.

By the way, the more stones there are in your ring, the more important it is to get the right size.

How Do I Find My Engagement Ring Size?

The best way to find out what size of a ring you wear is to go to a reputable jeweller. We don’t recommend the plastic sizers you can buy online because they can be very wrong.

If you can’t go to a jeweller, we will send our customers free professional sizing kits. They are the same sizes our design team uses with customers in our stores to ensure everything fits right.

When figuring out your ring size, keep in mind that your fingers can change by 1/4 to 1/2 size. That depends on the temperature of the room or if you’ve just eaten salt or drunk alcohol. To be sure of your size, try measuring at different times and on different days.

How Do I Know If It’s The Right Size?

It should be a little bit hard to take the ring off. It shouldn’t be too tight, but it should still fit well. Even if your hands are wet, the ring shouldn’t slip off by itself. Don’t forget blacksmiths rarely make rings that are too small.

Narrower rings will fit tighter than wider ones. For instance, the average size of a woman’s ring finger is between 5 and 6, and a man’s is between 8 and 10.

Should An Engagement Ring Be Tight Or Slightly Too Big?

Everyone has a different idea of what makes them feel at ease. Because of this, rings of the same size will fit hands of diverse sizes. You can wear up to three different ring sizes, such as sizes 50, 51, or 52, depending on how you want to wear your ring.

Also, your hands can change over time, making the size of your ring change as well. Think about how our fingers can get bigger when it’s hot outside. Besides, your fingers may get bigger when you’re pregnant. During pregnancy, it can be very painful to wear a ring that was already pretty tight when you first got it.

What If She Doesn’t Know About The Ring?

Don’t worry if you want to plan a surprise ring! The best way to find out is to look at a ring they wear on the same finger. If that’s not possible, ask their friends to help. Even the same finger on the left and right hands has different sizes, so try to get the right finger size.

Why Does Ring Size Matter So Much?

The ring size is essential so that when you propose, the ring fits on their finger and doesn’t fall off right away. After the free resizing, the ring should stay on the finger without help, even if your hands are wet.

From a structural point of view, we recommend that you don’t have to go up or down more than one or two sizes so that the diamonds and other gems on the band stay in their original settings. Because of this, it’s best to come close to the right size the first time.

What Are The Most Popular Sizes For Rings?

Even if you try, you might not figure out her ring size. The average ring size for a woman is 52-54, and the average ring size for a man is 60-62. If you’re not sure between the two sizes, go with the bigger one because it will be easier to adjust the ring and your fingers may swell.

Which Finger Should The Ring Be On?

Our experts are often asked, “Which hand should I wear the ring on?”

Since the answer is different in each country, we’ll give you a quick rundown:

In Germany and Austria, the wedding ring goes on the right hand “of the Righteous.” In other places, it is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, which means that it is “coming from the heart.”

Engagement rings are frequently worn on the left hand. The trend globally is for both the engagement ring and the wedding ring to be worn on the same finger.

If you wear your ring as a piece of jewellery or a friendship ring, you can wear it anywhere you want.

What To Do If You Ordered The Wrong Size Ring?

Buying a ring without knowing what size it is is always a risk, but what matters is that you want to please. Usually, you can go back to the jewellery store in Sheffield where you bought the ring and have it fixed. It would be very useful if you got an engagement ring or wedding band in Sheffield and had it engraved.

How Will The Jeweller Make My Ring Fit Better?

Sizing down: This is the most common way to change size. The jeweller will cut a small piece of metal out of the bottom of the ring, bring the two ends together carefully, and use a torch or laser, depending on the metal, to seal the cut.

Sizing up: This is a little harder. Some jewellers will stretch out the metal to make the ring bigger, but we think that can damage the ring’s structure. Our skilled jewellers cut a hole in the bottom of the ring, pull the sides apart, and fill the hole with new metal. They then use a torch or laser to seal the cut.

When resizing, we’ll also check all the gems in your ring to make sure they’re secure and give it a full cleaning to make it look brand new!

How Do You Determine The Right Engagement Ring Size?

Ring sizer printable

Cut out the ring sizer from the size guide if you have one. Measure the guide’s diameters against a ruler to ensure correctness. Cut the slot in the sizer, wrap it around your left ring finger, and slip the pointed end through. Pull it snugly. You will see how this can help you.


Place a left-hand ring you already own against a ruler. Compare the ring’s inner diameter to the size guide. Print the instructions to scale and place the ring over the ring photos to discover a matched diameter and ring size.

Use A Free Ring Tape Measure To Find Out What Size Ring You Need.

If your partner already knows you’re getting married, order the free ring measuring tape from William Cheshire and use it to determine the right ring size.

The measuring tape is easy to use and works like a belt. Once the measuring tape fits comfortably on your partner’s ring finger, read the inner diameter size that goes with it.

Use The Paper Technique

Wrap a tiny piece of paper around your ring finger, near to where an engagement ring would strike. Some people prefer using string, but it’s less reliable because it’s so thin. Make sure the homemade ring fits snugly. Mark the overlap with a pencil. Compare the paper’s length to the ring size guide’s circumferences.

Design Your Engagement Ring

Do you know what kind of ring you want? Or are you thinking about making a change to a ring that already exists? Reach out to William Cheshire, and our designers will get back to you with options within 24 hours.

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