Where to buy Eternity Engagement rings in London in 2023


Do you plan to put a smile on your partner’s face any time soon? Then maybe you should think about giving her an eternity engagement ring. It will symbolise your dying and lifelong love and commitment to her. You can use the ring to prove your dedication to having her as your future wife.

All plans for marriage start with a proposal. The proposal is the most important and symbolic step on the long road to a life together. As tradition requires, it (the proposal) finds its most immediate expression in the engagement ring.

In this article, we will look at the definition of an eternity engagement ring, how to wear it, and where to buy engagement rings in London.


What Is An Eternity Engagement Ring?


An eternity or infinity engagement ring is a ring with identical lines of diamonds or gold around it. These diamonds and gold can be round or brilliantly cut into various unusual shapes.


Eternity engagement rings symbolise everlasting love, making them an excellent choice for your engagement.


An eternity engagement ring might be the way to go if you want to choose something non-traditional but unique for your lover.


It represents a sign of eternal or unending love. It is also used as a wedding anniversary gift nowadays.


When Is the Right Time To Give An Eternity Engagement Ring?

The best time to give an eternity engagement ring to your future fiancé is when you are convinced that she is the right one for you.

Some people believe it should be given as a symbol of an engagement to the love of your life.


You know that you have to give her something that she will cherish to make her feel loved. As the name indicates, eternity engagement rings are timeless classic pieces for the special man or woman in your life.

What Does Eternity Engagement Ring Symbolise?

The eternity engagement ring symbolises your everlasting love and is often given as an engagement ring.


You can give it to a girlfriend as a symbol of the sincerity of your intentions and readiness to be with her even before the proposal and wedding.


These days, people give eternity rings to their partners due to their symbolism and meaning.


Since the set stones are produced in a circle, the route of the stones or diamonds has no beginning and end. It does not change, no matter how it twists.


That is why we see their designs as an expression of everlasting love.


Which Finger Should The Ring Be Worn And On Which Hand?


There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. Most western cultures prefer to put it on the right hand.


It is common knowledge that the fourth finger on the left has a vein that runs directly to the heart. For this reason, it is preferable to wear an engagement ring on the fourth finger of her left hand, especially if she wears it without taking it off.


Most typically women understand that a manicure lasts twice as long on the left hand, and the left-hand stays looks nicer because it is normally used less than the right hand.


So if you propose with an eternity engagement ring, treat it the same as any other engagement ring.


How To Wear An Eternity Engagement Ring


Tradition demands that you put your wedding ring on first to make it closer to your heart. After doing that, you can wear your eternity engagement ring. As stated earlier, both rings go on your ring finger, the fourth finger on your left hand.


Keeping your wedding ring close to your heart symbolises how much you appreciate your commitment and trust in each other.



  1. Gold

Warm gold tones give the ring a glittering appearance. This ring has a slightly retro mood and is suitable for a wide range of skin tones. Gold is ideal for many ring types and can help increase the visual aspect of a diamond.


  1. Platinum

Platinum is a popular metal in eternity engagement rings. Its good reflecting characteristics can increase the value and brightness of diamonds.


William Cheshire’s rings are made of rhodium-coated 18K white gold for protection and wear resistance.


  1. Palladium

Palladium is like Platinum. It’s hard to find, and scarcer than gold. It is also white and has a shiny surface. Even though it’s not quite as durable, it’s pretty close and still a good choice for anyone who wants a mirror-like finish and has an active lifestyle.


On the flip side, it sometimes shows small scratches and can be hard to resize. This could pose a problem for someone who wants to make changes in the near future.

  1. Rose gold

This metal gives off a strong sense of style, and its warm reddish tone may showcase the diamonds better. Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy that is more durable than pure gold.


  1. Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is one of the oldest jewellery metals and was once more valuable than gold. Like gold, it is made by mixing pure silver with copper or other metals.


The white moon-like tone combined with the metal’s history and attractiveness makes it one of the most popular choices for anyone looking for a luxurious look at a reduced price.


Where Can I Buy an Eternity Engagement Ring In London?


William Cheshire sells high-quality eternity engagement rings. All our jewellery is made from recycled materials that are safe to use. For example, our gold jewellery alloy has 75% pure gold, often known as 18K gold. This purity ensures the jewellery’s solidity and endurance.


We also add silver, copper, and palladium to the alloy for a modern white-gold appearance. Your jewellery should keep its white tone for a long time since we often choose palladium over nickel.




Elongated Radiant with Kite Diamonds


This engagement ring, which sparkles in all directions, is the perfect mark of your love. This gorgeous ring has no beginning and end, much like your everlasting love for her. It is set with sparkling diamonds or gemstones around the shank.


Audacity Ring – Marquise Cut Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring


Lighter-coloured stones like pastel pinks, blues, greens, and yellows have gained favour for their dreamy tones. These morganite, aquamarine, and citrine stones are not as strong as conventional jewel tones like ruby, emerald, or sapphire blue.

Teal Sapphire Ring With Princess Cut Diamond Ring


Let us start with a model you might not have considered: Teal Sapphire Ring. Why do you think it is ideal for an engagement? It is the closest ring to a wedding band.


William Cheshire can use diamonds to make it unique, exquisite, and original. We equally have round rings set with stones from the William Cheshire collection.


These rings can be lighted with pear-cut diamonds and brilliants, lending themselves to a regal look.

Elongated Radiant Diamond East West Setting


An elongated Radiant Diamond Ring with an East-West is a perfect gift.


The William Cheshire collection offers an unusual interpretation that keeps the polished and timeless appeal characteristic of a typical British brand. The white or pink gold ring is sometimes highlighted by a central heart-cut diamond and a double row of diamonds.


Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring


This is most people’s favourite.


Do you want to concentrate on the timeless classic that outlasts all trends? In the collective imagination, the Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring is the ultimate engagement ring. Do you know what? A single diamond represents an exclusive love that will last forever.



You need a trained eye that understands how to advise you on the best stones based on your needs which is where William Cheshire comes in. You will find an expert gemmologist to guide you through your selection and help you make a secure, safe, and economical investment at our shop.



Circus Letter Rings


Choosing a Solid 9ct Yellow Gold ring is a prudent and practical decision. Such rings are beautiful and vibrant pieces of jewellery, and have several distinct symbolic connotations, such as trust, passion, love, and even hope. In other words, you can tailor your eternity engagement ring to your requirements using letters of the alphabet.


Libertine Ring – Gold Vermeil with Translucent Rose Enamel


2023 has empowered us all, and fashion and jewellery trends reflect that mentality. Libertine rings are shaking up the wedding world in the best way possible, and they communicate to the bride that she is willing to be unique.


Do you want to get some advice or try any of our jewellery? Take some time to appreciate the work of the William Cheshire jewellery collections. You can do so by visiting our London showroom or by ordering online.

Every year, we design rare and remarkable bespoke pieces of jewellery for our customers. Our collection has the best designer engagement rings in London for 2023. Finally, if you like a particular style, with none of the jewellery you see in stores having the fitting stone, we can use our models to help you arrive at something exceptional.


William Cheshire is the source of many creations. If you like one of our pieces but want to change a few details, we can help you fix them.


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